GIT SECURITY AWARD 2019: The Winners

Announcement of the Award Winners at Security Essen

04.10.2018 - Welcome to this years GIT SECURITY AWARD, we are glad that you all came, is the announcement of Steffen Ebert and Dr. Heiko Baumgartner, the hosts of the award ceremony, when they ...

"Welcome to this year's GIT SECURITY AWARD, we are glad that you all came", is the announcement of Steffen Ebert and Dr. Heiko Baumgartner, the hosts of the award ceremony, when they welcomed all the participants and winners to the Wiley stand during Security Essen 2018.

It's a special occasion when GIT SECURITY invite to the award ceremony at Security Essen, because all participants have been waiting for the outcome of the competition since spring of 2018. A jury nominated the finalists from a large number of submissions. Next, all readers had to vote for their favorite products. Until the announcement of the top three in Essen, the participants did not know whether they have won or what place they have come in.

For the GIT SECURITY team of the Wiley publishing house, it has become a tradition (since 2003) to award the top three participants. And the winners have done everything right: they handed in a good product, convinced the jury and encouraged readers, market participants, fans and partners to vote.

But now the placements of the "GSA 2019" in detail:

Category A: IT security and security for automation, cyber security

The winners will be announced first at SPS IPC Drives.

Category B: Fire and Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety

3rd Place

Apollo Fire Detectors: SOTERIA Dimension
Optical Smoke Detector

The Apollo Soteria Dimension is a unique, flush-fitting optical smoke detector designed for aesthetically demanding and high-risk environments. In contrast to traditional optical detectors, the chamberless design of Soteria Dimension uses new patented optical sensing technology to sense smoke outside the chamber, providing quick smoke detection, fewer false alarms and easy maintenance. Built-in proximity sensors also detect any physical obstruction or tampering of the detector, aiding in reduced false alarms. Approved to EN54-7, the smoke detector is also available as a specialist version which has been independently certified for anti-ligature use in high-risk locations like prisons, custody suites and healthcare establishments. The combination of its metal face plate, tamper proof screws and low profiling make it less noticeable and far more resistant to interference than some traditional detectors.


2nd Place

Helly Hansen: ICU HI VIS 3 Layer Shell Jacket
Self-lighting Safety Jacket

The safety jacket from the ICU collection offers visibility in the dark and protection in all weather conditions. With the integrated Light-Flex technology, people are even perceived without direct light and from a long distance: A reliable, active light source made of waterproof light strips, which are powered by a rechargeable battery, improve visibility and safety in all lighting conditions. An active light source is added to the passive reflectors and thus increase the visibility, even over long distances. This makes the wearer nearly 10 times more visible, day or night. The battery will last up to 10 hours. Once battery life is up, plug it in for an easy 90-minute recharge. Even when the battery is charging, the system maintains its reflective benefits when visibility is a priority.

1st Place

EPS: FireAngel NG-9B
Battery-Powered Gas Detector

FireAngel NG-9B is a battery-powered gas detector, which reliably detects natural gas (methane). The sensor works with a significantly reduced power consumption. It is designed to operate with conventional lithium batteries. The alarm senses very low gas concentrations, which are below those of an ignitable gas/air mixture with a triggering threshold of 10% of the lower explosion point. The gas detector has been developed in accordance with EN 50194-I: 2009 and has intelligent test, silence and reset buttons to make it more user-friendly. The installation of the device is flexible, quick and easy and works independently of the main power supply. This device can easily be retrofitted in all buildings with a gas connection.


Category C: Video Security Systems (VSS)

3rd Place

Hanwha Techwin: XND-6085
IP Camera With Varifocal Lens

The XND-6085 from Wisenet extraLUX Series is equipped with a high performance, motorised 4,1~16,4 mm varifocal lens with aperture of F0,94. The motorised varifocal low light lens offers a unique range of focal length and aperture. In combination with a ½ inch CMOS sensor, these features ensure superb quality color images are captured, regardless of the environment or the time of day, and without the need for IR LEDs or supplementary lighting 0.004 Lux@F0.94 (Colour), 0.0004 Lux@F0.94 (B/W). For easy installation the XND-6085 is equipped with a fully motorized camera head for pan, tilt and rotate operation locally via Wisenet Installation APP or from remote site via Browser.

2nd Place

Sony: SNC-VB770
4K Network Camera

Thanks to ultra-high sensitivity of ISO 409600, the SNC-VB770 4K network camera features top levels of minimum illumination of less than 0.004 lx - to capture exceptionally detailed 4K/30 fps color video, even at night and in similar extreme lighting environments. The SNC-VB770 4K network camera achieves this illumination by using its highly-sensitive 35 mm full-frame Exmor sensor, optimized E mount lenses to maximize the performance of the sensor, and its signal processing engine. This enables the camera to capture crisp, clear 4K/30 fps color video with much less noise in extreme low-light conditions.

1st Place

Mobotix: S16 Thermal
Dual-thermal camera

The flexible dual-thermal camera system is ONVIF compatible (Profile S). The stealthy S16 camera system has two unattached thermal sensor modules which is connected to the camera body by sensor cables, up to three meters long. This makes the S16 thermal system perfect for any special needs a customer’s installation may call for and provides flexibility for efficient installs. The thermal sensor modules are available in two designs. Both designs offer three horizontal viewing angles and Thermal Radiometry Technology for temperature events. The system (both camera body and sensor modules) are classified to IP66 and supplied with special robust-housing.


Category D: Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Protection

3rd Place

Abus: wAppLoxx
Access Control System

With the electronic wAppLoxx acesse control system from Abus, doors can be opened locally as well as globally via PC, tablet or smartphone. An encrypted peer-to-peer connection for data transmission provides security. Changes to locking rights can be implemented in just seconds and up to 20 cylinders and 150 users can be managed. For optimum ease of use, wAppLoxx can be networked with alarm and video surveillance to form an all-encompassing security system. Home automation functions can also be integrated into this system: users can conveniently operate garage doors or lighting systems via the electronic locking cylinders and hotkeys in the app.

2nd Place

Vanderbilt: SPC Connect
Monitor, Manage, and Maintain Panels

SPC Connect is a hosted cloud-based solution designed specifically for installers to monitor, manage, and maintain SPC panels remotely from any location. The SPC panel and Connect communicate using FlexC. This is a powerful protocol and can be used to support multiple paths such as Ethernet, GRPS, and 3G. This ensures the system is always connected. Following significant user management enhancements, SPC Connect speeds up the process of adding and configuring users. It means that the system administrator can quickly configure users to have access to their SPC system, while simultaneously saving them time and money. The push notifications for IOS devices ensure SPC Connect users are informed of new information related to their SPC system, even when the app is closed.

1st Place

Assa Abloy: CLIQ Connect
Mobile Management of Locking Systems

A smartphone with the Cliq Connect app and a Cliq Connect key – that’s all you need to manage an electronic eCliq locking system, at any time and while on the move. You also have the option to save all Cliq Web-Manager management software data in the cloud. When a smartphone and key are connected via Bluetooth, the new app can call up updated or time-restricted access authorisations directly from the server via the internet and load them onto the key — without the need for a long trip to company Head Quarter. For protection against attacks, all data is encrypted end-to-end during transmission. This flexible system for mobile master key system management not only speeds up work processes, but also improves protection against theft, data theft and industrial espionage.


Category E: Safety and Security Management, Services and Solutions

3rd Place

UTC Fire & Security: UltraSync
Smart Home App

UltraSync is the secure internet communication solution. Offering easy connectivity for quick installation. UltraSync mobile app lets users control their UltraSync Ready products from anywhere, any time. The result is safe, secure system management all from one, easy-to-use app. Intuitive actions for end users: arm and disarm their system, Receive alarm reports via push notifications and email, Geo-fensing, manage user accounts, control Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats, Watch live streaming video and event-based clips, create temporary user codes for visitors, check system event history, create and manage scenes. When the user’s system detects a breach in security, UltraSync conducts a series of responses that allow them to take quick action: Report alarms to monitoring centers, trigger event-based video clips, notify user’s mobile device via push notifications or email.

2nd Place

Deister Electronic: bloxx
Smart Item Management

Managing equipment and valuables usually involves a lot of effort and cost. The fully automatic and modular designed item management system bloxx developed by Deister allows you to store and manage valuables, equipment and devices securely and reliably. Different housings and modules of different sizes can be combined to store any number of devices in the same system. The system’s smart software is aware of any item’s movement which leads to more transparency and information regarding the actual need of equipment. This ensures higher security and efficiency at the work place.

1st Place

Bosch Security Systems: In-Store Analytics
Video Analytics Software for Retail

In-Store Analytics is a Software as a Service Solution. It allows the retail headquarter to collect customer traffic data from all stores to understand how customers move through and interact with the stores. Like this, retailers gain valuable insights on store traffic to improve operations, customer engagement and sales. As part of the solution, Bosch IP panoramic cameras are installed to provide high visibility of the retail floor. The cameras use on-board Intelligent Video Analytics to generate position data of shoppers’ movements. This data is then sent directly to the Cloud where it is further processed. Position data is mined into performance results and visualizations that are shared with the retailer through web interfaces. What makes the solution special is its data accuracy of at least 95 percent, its scalability to cover even the largest retail stores with a high camera count and large multi-store chains and the anonymity of the position data to protect the privacy of the shoppers.


Category F: Special Category Smart Home

3rd Place

Lupus: XT3
Professional Smart Home Security System

The Lupus XT3 is an innovative system for building security, video surveillance and smart home control. Without structural changes, it effectively protects against burglary, robbery, fire, water, gas and medical emergencies. It can take control of heating, lights, shutters and electrical appliances and creates transparency, via live video connection to permanently installed cameras. It manages up to 160 sensors. With over 70 smart components, Lupus offers a large assortment. The XT3 is a professional and secure system, certified with the European quality standard EN50131 grade 2.

2nd Place

Ksenia Security: auxi-H
Security & Home Automation module

auxi-H is a module used not only for Security but also for Home Automation. Through a specific jumper on board it is possible to set two operating modes: one for the complete management of motorized roller shutters (with two interlocked relay outputs), the other one for the lights management (freely configurable outputs). From scenarios configured on lares 4.0, it is possible both to open or close completely the roller shutters and to set them in four different opening positions. It is possible to manage the local switches as a classic dead man’s switch and also manage its complete opening and closing with a simple double-click.

1st Place

Hekatron: Genius Port
Smart Fire Safety

The Genius Port and the free Genius Control App will inform you of alarm, status and fault messages from all existing Genius radio systems on mobile terminals – anytime and anywhere in the world. In case of an emergency this permits you, even from a distance, to react quickly, to alarm the fire brigade, to mute detectors which have not detected any smoke, and to protect lives and material assets. With the Genius Port, Genius radio systems can be integrated in smart-home systems from Digitalstrom (from June 2018) and soon also with Smartfrog. Further cooperation partners will follow within the next months.


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