Cybersecurity and Access Control

21.12.2018 -

Interconnectivity between devices, which is now seen as a priority for organizations, undoubtedly comes with an enhanced risk of security threats. Cybersecurity can no...


Cyber Protection Guide: How To Harden Your Mobotix Video System

17.08.2018 -

Cyber-attacks against internet connected software and hardware is a growing problem. In recent years, attackers are increasingly focused on exploiting the weakest links...


Taking IT security to the next level

23.05.2018 -

To authorities, data protection and IT security are a must. The district administration of Tuttlingen realized this early on and introduced Browser in the Box of Rohde...


Bosch and Genetec. End-to-end security, day after day

13.02.2018 -

As the way we live and work becomes increasingly sophisticated, complex and connected, the benefits are clear to see as things get more streamlined and intuitive with...


UK Security to launch in March

11.01.2018 -

For many nations across the globe, the threat from international terrorism remains severe. Physical attacks, carried out by terror cells and radicalised individuals, in...


Of Hackers and Artificial Intelligence

15.05.2017 -

What does a Hackathon, Bosch Connected World in Berlin and the new German Amazon Series of Matthias Schweighöfer You are Wanted have in common? A lot! Not only was the...


Physical security in IT and data centre technology

27.10.2016 -

Data centres represent a key technology in an increasingly digitised world. They house the servers and storage systems with their associated network components so that...


Whitepaper on Industry 4.0 Infrastructure

13.04.2015 -

Manufacturing industry can only gain speed and increase flexibility with consistent, IT-assisted value chains.
A newly published whitepaper from Rittal shows why IT...