Jan Meiswinkel: "AI Always Has to Be Based on Solid Data"

22.08.2023 - Jan Meiswinkel, CEO and Co-Founder of Advancis, talks about prevention of critical events and AI. For our 20 year jubilee, GIT SECURITY has asked leaders in the industry to give an outlook.

What do you think was the greatest game-changing technology for the ­security industry in the last 20 years if you had to choose one?

In the year 2003, security technology developed in the direction of IT and IP, e.g. IP video started to evolve. That opened new possibilities regarding our core competence of integrating different technical systems into one superordinated software platform. At that time, Advancis existed for around 10 years already and I believe this technology breakthrough has been essential for the further development of our open integration platform WinGuard.

“The next ten years will be dominated by AI applications.” Why would you agree or disagree?
Generally, I agree, however I think AI always has to be based on solid data. AI can be very helpful when it comes to preevent structural awareness, but its big potential lies in the prevention of critical events, e.g. predictive maintenance and early warning systems. It is important that it must always be possible to understand how the AI arrives at its decision. To ensure that, the data with which the AI is fed must be correct and this is exactly what we consider our role: Integration, harmonization and utilization of data.

Your company will have a great impact on the industry in the next ten years because…?
Advancis will continue to be active in the processing of AI as well as highly complex sensor technology. Our software collects, distributes and merges data which is our core competence. In the past, the proceeding was rather to record a signal, display it and to set up the processing and evaluation procedure of an event. With the support of AI, further information will be available within seconds so that decisions can possibly be made even better or before the event appears in order to prevent it.
However, our focus will not only be on AI, but also on our Advancis Open Platform, i.e. to provide a very flexible and customizable security and building management system which third parties can easily complement by additional functions and interface modules.


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