Nov. 10, 2011

Kaba aims to increase efficiency and harness innovation

Mid-term target: 18% EBITDA margin in 2014/2015

Kaba's corporate strategy is focused on profitable growth, with an emphasis on innovation leadership in the Access Control sector (Access + Data Systems, Safe Locks) and on cost leadership in the Key Systems sector. Since 1 July 2011, the old Access + Data Systems segment structure has been split into two new segments: Access + Data Systems EMEA/Asia Pacific and Access + Data Systems Americas.

A total of CHF 18.1 million is being invested in improving operational performance and increasing efficiency, especially in the Access + Data Systems EMEA/Asia Pacific segment, with the aim of reducing the 2010/2011 level of costs by CHF 10 million from 2013/2014 onwards. In addition to its
organic growth, Kaba is pursuing a targeted, value-oriented acquisition strategy. This is being implemented primarily in the two Access + Data Systems segments and in Safe Locks (part of the Industrial Locks segment) in the next two years.

Kaba's strategic focus is on four major market trends: ongoing urbanization around the world, the increasing prosperity of a growing middle class, a rising need for security, and rapid technological progress. Kaba aims to achieve an EBITDA margin at Group level of 18% in 2014/2015, compared with 16% in 2010/2011. This is predicated on an expected economic downswing that would have its main impact on Kaba in 2012/13.


dormakaba Deutschland GmbH
Hofwisenstr. 24
8153 Rümlang
Phone: +41 848 858687
Telefax: +41 44 8189191

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