Locks With a Panic Function

And License-Free Access Administration Software

20.09.2021 - The ÜLock B locks from Südmetall provide security on both sides of the door – to protect human lives and valuables: there is always an escape route guaranteed by the panic function in the direction of escape. And the self-locking function ­ensures that the door is otherwise always locked. The lock has no parts that can be attacked from outside as the electronics are completely enclosed within the lock housing, and the lock itself has a high resistance to mechanical manipulation. The best possible encryption is used for data transmission between lock, RFID card and RFID reader – that ensures optimum protection against break-ins. Access control administration is through the license-free ÜManagement 2.0 software.

ÜLock B from Südmetall is a family of locks with a panic function. They are available in many versions: ÜLock B Cable, B Battery and B Inductive. The ÜLock Z is also totally new on the market – this is in fact a ÜLock B with access control from both sides, i.e. without a panic function for particularly important rooms. There are also cabled, battery-driven and inductive versions of this too.
The fittings can be chosen according to the design requirements of the respective property: additional or new fittings are not absolutely necessary. Opening the lock is very convenient for the user: a valid card is held close to the reader and the door can be opened by turning the handle.


The ÜLock locks are ideal for retrofitting because the doors do not have to be cabled. Added to that, the ‘Data on Card’ functional principle of access control means that no cabling has to be run between the doors and the computer. Both the battery-driven and the inductive locks are compatible here. It is possible to share the power supply for both the reader and the ÜLock B Inductive, or alternatively a battery-driven reader can be used. The locks can be used in fire doors too – they are correspondingly approved for such use.

Administration software for access control

ÜManagement 2.0 is a license-free administration software for access control that provides administration for individual objects but also for small to medium-sized hotels or multiple objects simultaneously. The uniform administration of different locks allows ÜLocks, electronic cylinders and cabinet locks to be addressed and, depending on the individual requirements, individually managed. Authorizations and user groups can be directly assigned to the individual locks using the software.
Commissioning can be either via a ‘Standard’ installation or via SQL.

  • Standard: very simple installation / single administrator version
  • SQL Server: multiple administrators (computers at which the system can be managed)

The software provides a number of advantages: users need only one transponder, not a heavy keyring. The security risk is low if a transponders is lost (a lost transponder can be barred or put into a blacklist with very little effort).
There is more convenience and security for the operator, for example through individual rights and automatic locking. There are no licensing charges and the software is optimized for retrofitting. The janitor and users benefit from the simple software and flexible functions.

Two operating modes

The software can be configured in two different modes, adapting to the specific requirements. While the ‘Management’ mode is tailored to simple operation of small to medium-sized installations, the ‘Professional’ mode provides additional features for larger installations, without sacrificing simplicity.
Various areas can be selected for each time zone. Room and apartment doors can be assigned to a building or corridor, so that access to these doors does not have to be individually set up. Common rooms can all be assigned to a door group for convenience. A door can also be assigned to multiple groups so that particular door automatically receives the authorizations of all the chosen door groups (such as to a swimming pool or sauna for example). Automatic unlocking times can be set up by applying the respective time zone.
An example: the entrance door to an office (multiple locks) with electronic cylinders is unlocked in the morning and locked again in the evening. Convenient access to an office door with a ÜLock is provided by the door handle, which can optionally be continually engaged while someone is in the building. The cabinet in the office can be secured with a cabinet lock that can be retrofitted without difficulty.
Guest cards can be easily programmed in In ‘Professional’ mode as these are specially formatted. Further features, such as the credit function, complete the system.

Three Questions For: Product Manager, Jörg Bärenfänger of Südmetall

GIT SECURITY: Mr. Bärenfänger, what are the most important advantages of this solution?
Jörg Bärenfänger: Retrofitting in existing buildings of various sizes is possible without having to sacrifice on security or convenience. The operator does not have to accept compromises on design. And there are no hidden follow-­up costs with us in the form of software licenses.

You mentioned a credit function – what is that exactly?
Jörg Bärenfänger:
The credit function enables a user card or transponder to be loaded with a ‘credit’. The credit amount preset in the configuration will be reduced each time authorized access is granted to the appropriate door (e.g. the sauna). The user only gains access if they have sufficient credit.

What is the target market for your solution?
Jörg Bärenfänger:
The potential markets are widespread. They include office buildings and industry for example, and retirement homes, but also small hotels and apartments, or the clubhouse of a society with a door that is managed by the club president.


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