Senstar receives Lenel S2 certification

17.06.2021 - Perimeter intrusion detection sensors now interface with the latest versions of LenelS2’s OnGuard

Senstar announced it has received LenelS2 factory certification as part of its long-standing membership in the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP).

Senstar’s wide array of perimeter intrusion detection sensors including FlexZone, FiberPatrol, OmniTrax, the Senstar LM100, and UltraWave now integrate to OnGuard 7.6 and OnGuard 8.0.

Senstar’s integration to OnGuard provides two-way communications, with OnGuard receiving alarm and status information from Senstar sensors and enabling the control of sensor controls such as relays, Senstar LM100 lighting levels, and self-test initiation. Based on the received zone and equipment alarms, the full range of OnGuard security responses can be initiated, including commanding camera actions and providing visual and audio alerts.

“The interface creates a system that can be deployed with no risk of software incompatibilities arising during site commissioning. It scales to cover systems of any size and reduces equipment costs by eliminating the need for relay output modules and associated intrusion panel inputs,” said Senstar Product Manager Stewart Dewar. “This ongoing partnership with LenelS2 allows us to better serve the market by providing customers with options to create a security solution that is readily supportable, easily expandable, and cost-effective.”

The interface is implemented with a software gateway to Senstar’s Network Manager software. The Network Manager communicates directly with Senstar sensors and provides a common IP interface for use by Security Management Systems (SMS) or Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems. It also provides an access point through which sensor configuration tools can remotely access individual sensors. Running on the Windows operating system, the gateway and Network Manager can reside on the same PC as the OnGuard communications server or on a dedicated PC. Network Manager connects to the networked sensors via either Ethernet or serially over Senstar’s Silver Network (EIA-422 or fiber).


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