Traka Introduces Faulty Device Exchange Lockers for Healthcare

05.07.2023 - Traka has unveiled new technology to help healthcare facilities streamline the fault-fixing process for critical medical equipment.

Traka’s ‘Faulty Item Exchange' locker (FIX) allows healthcare staff to deposit a faulty device, record the nature of the fault, and obtain a working device quickly so they can return to vital patient care across large estates and multiple locations. 

With a system of comprehensive status updates in real-time, users can be confident that when equipment develops a fault, the system ensures it can be fixed promptly, minimizing downtime and reducing the risk of equipment failure during critical procedures.

Says Ben Farrar, Traka Business Development Manager: “In large healthcare settings, where quick response times and equipment availability are critical, managing and locating fault fixing equipment efficiently can be a challenge. In designing FIX, we worked closely with our partners to understand requirements and ensure we could deliver a solution that could resolve the issues faced.

“FIX helps to streamline processes and enable healthcare staff to operate more efficiently in a business environment. The secure, real-time aspect from fault identification to resolution allows valid users to deposit a faulty device into an empty locker compartment and obtain a like-for-like spare device with minimal time or resource disruption.”

Particularly effective over large geographical areas, FIX lockers alleviate the issue for healthcare workers who work remotely in community trusts across the country, where arranging appropriate IT support to repair and reissue a working device, can prove challenging.

FIX lockers remove the need to travel to the site of the immediate fault, instead issuing a new working device from a remote location, offering clear time, productivity and cost benefits for medical staff.

Traka’s healthcare team were on site recently to install FIX lockers in one local Healthcare Trust, that are already reaping the benefits of the intelligent Traka WEB secure management platform.

Ben concludes: “With Traka WEB's robust features, healthcare organisations can benefit from true asset visibility, automated fault reporting, and streamlined fault resolution. The platform allows users to easily log faults against devices that are returned, monitor the progress of repairs, and manage exchanges and replacements with utmost transparency and efficiency. It all comes together to show how we are committed to our high levels of service and support healthcare staff to deliver enhanced patient care.”



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