Feb. 24, 2010

Voestalpine standardizes on Nedap security management system

voestalpine, one of the world's largest steel companies, has chosen Nedap's AEOS as its access control and security management system. Both parties have signed a two-year framework agreement to equip the voestalpine offices and production plants worldwide with AEOS.

The steel giant is represented by 360 production and sales companies globally and has decided to implement the same security policy at all of its locations. voestalpine currently uses several RFID card technologies and has conditioned the assignment to the retention of its legacy systems where possible. The extensive possibilities of AEOS to integrate existing systems and technologies into one management platform were the decisive factor for voestalpine to choose Nedap's access control and security management system.

The signed framework agreement forms the basis for the cooperation between Nedap and voestalpine, which will provide the steel producer with a reliable solution to optimize its security policy. With the agreement for cooperation, voestalpine has clearly chosen for a proven, reliable partner and its highly competitive security management system.

"One of the advantages of Nedap AEOS is that standardization on one access control system throughout the world enables voestalpine to implement its security policy more easily and at significantly lower operational costs.", said Nancy Wanders, Business Development Manager at Nedap.


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