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Event Preview: Perimeter Protection 2020

11.12.2019 -

There is a boundary to your site, and you need to secure it. Where do you start? There is the passive approach using fencing, gates, pedestrian access and vehicle entry...


Reliable Detection of Intruders Thanks to Radar Barriers

04.09.2019 -

The moats and walls of yore have given way to high fences and state-of-the-art security technology protecting properties, installations, or buildings. Modern security...


It Started with a Vision: Optex Celebrates 40 Years Anniversary

13.06.2019 -

It was 40 years ago, in a coffee house in Kyoto, that the idea of Optex was born. Toru Kobayashi, an electronics engineer, and three like-minded colleagues shared a...


Network Cameras with Strobe Light and Alarm to Deter Intruders

*Hikvision Europe -

Hikvision has introduced new AcuSense network camera series to its EasyIP 4.0 security solutions. Featuring a strobe light and an audio alarm, the new cameras can...


Being as Secure at Work as You Are at Home

21.12.2018 -

Whats stopping someone from casually walking into your office and getting up to no good (for instance, doing some corporate espionage, stealing something, causing damage...


Hikvision introduces the AXHub intruder alarm system

*Hikvision Europe -

Hikvision has released the AXHub intruder alarm system. Part of the Hikvision AX-Series, the brand-new wireless system stylishly caters for any residential and small...


Clever Ways to Add Smart Intruder Prevention Measures

18.09.2018 -

Fences, grilles and locks mechanical barriers are the classic way to disrupt thieves activities. So what is smart about them? Nowadays its the fact that the mechanical...


Pacom: Hybrid Control Panel Targets False Alarms

STANLEY Product & Technology -

Pacom Systems, part of Stanley Product Technology is helping users reduce false alarms with the Pacom 8003 intelligent security control panel.A true hybrid panel, the...

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