Keyword: Intrusion detection


GIT System Test Video Analytics: Test Results

30.11.2022 -

GIT SECURITY hosted the first independent test of video systems for perimeter detection together with the expert office of Markus Piendl (SMP) and the system house i...


Security for Banking 2022

21.11.2022 -

Banking fraud like ‘ram-raiding’ in banks, driving an SUV through the window and chaining it to the ATM to tow it away, or filling the machine with gas and igniting it...


Detecting intrusion on roofs

07.11.2022 -

Optex advises how roofs can often be overlooked when security systems are put in place and yet they are often used as access point to intrude a building.


Optex takes a multi-layer approach to security

06.09.2022 -

Optex takes a multi-tiered approach to security with new LiDAR upgrade and an indoor detector launch to give installers two sensors in one!


Advantages of a Volumetric Microwave Barrier

19.07.2022 -

Traditional volumetric microwave barriers have a very good coverage of the intrusion area, in terms of effectiveness and reliability. Here are the main strengths


Cias: Securing Italian Private Television Broadcasters

30.06.2022 -

A security system for a complex and highly articulated perimeter


Intrusion Detection Market 2022

12.05.2022 -

A sensor fusion system might detect simultaneous fence vibration AND camera movement, yet still be able to recognize a false alarm


CIAS evolved Perimeter Security System for the protection of sensitive sites

06.05.2022 -

Maximum synergy between anti-intrusion technologies, with the innovative integration between deep learning analysis and digital fuzzy logic sensors proposed by CIAS.