Keyword: Intrusion detection


GIT System Test Video Analytics: Test Results

08.09.2022 -

GIT SECURITY hosted the first independent test of video systems for perimeter detection together with the expert office of Markus Piendl (SMP) and the system house i...


Optex takes a multi-layer approach to security

06.09.2022 -

Optex takes a multi-tiered approach to security with new LiDAR upgrade and an indoor detector launch to give installers two sensors in one!


Advantages of a Volumetric Microwave Barrier

19.07.2022 -

Traditional volumetric microwave barriers have a very good coverage of the intrusion area, in terms of effectiveness and reliability. Here are the main strengths


Cias: Securing Italian Private Television Broadcasters

30.06.2022 -

A security system for a complex and highly articulated perimeter


Intrusion Detection Market 2022

12.05.2022 -

A sensor fusion system might detect simultaneous fence vibration AND camera movement, yet still be able to recognize a false alarm


CIAS evolved Perimeter Security System for the protection of sensitive sites

06.05.2022 -

Maximum synergy between anti-intrusion technologies, with the innovative integration between deep learning analysis and digital fuzzy logic sensors proposed by CIAS.


Locked Wheels

03.05.2022 -

How this business owner set up their security system inside with perimeter protection outside using 360° video surveillance.


Intrusion Detection for New Luxury 5 Star Hotel In The Heart of Leicester Square

04.10.2021 -

Optex has specified and installed its compact and intelligent Redscan RLS-2020 LiDAR laser sensors at the new luxury five-star Londoner hotel in Leicester Square.