Redscan mini-Pro: Highly Accurate and Adaptable Short-Range Detection

Optex’s next generation of LiDAR detectors, the Redscan mini-Pro series, takes security technology a step further to provide highly accurate intrusion detection and visual verification for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

With time-of-flight 2D LiDAR technology, it enables ultra-fast and accurate detection of an object’s location, size and distance to a range of 20m x 20m. The integrated FHD IR camera allows real-time verification of what triggered the alarm, as well as recording and storing events for later analysis.

The sensors can be mounted horizontally to create laser planes to protect roofs or ceilings or vertically to create virtual walls to protect high-value assets or facades. The detection area can be divided into eight independent zones, offering great flexibility to adapt the configuration according to location and threat level. With enhanced environmental resistance, the sensors can operate from -40 °C to +60 °C, unaffected by rain, snow or wind.

The Onvif Profile S compliant sensors can be seamlessly integrated with any Onvif-compliant VMS or IP network device.


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