Mar. 28, 2018

Is Smarter Lighting the Next Big Trend in Video Surveillance?

  • Smarter network cameras demand smarter lighting - RaytecSmarter network cameras demand smarter lighting - Raytec

A move towards smarter network cameras has created a demand for smarter lighting that provides the correct amount of light for any situation and is capable of delivering the appropriate lighting response to any security event. The latest video surveillance systems require both good night-time images and connectivity between devices to deliver the best results. Since Raytec launched the first network illuminator in 2013, a technology that has now evolved into Vario2 IP, fully addressable network lighting has been on an upward curve.

But what is the next trend in lighting for video surveillance? Raytec fully expect the next big trend to be Hybrid Network Lighting because security professionals are demanding even more power, intelligence, and functionality from a smarter IP platform.

Trends Driving the Move to Hybrid Network Lighting

1: More Powerful LEDs
As a global growth technology, LEDs are becoming increasingly powerful. Today’s illuminators, using the latest LEDs can deliver over 200% more power and light output compared to illuminators that are only 2-3 years old. This means the same size illuminator can cover much greater distances or, to look at it another way, the same performance can be achieved from a physically smaller illuminator. This miniaturisation of performance allows a Hybrid illuminator, integrating both Infra-Red and White-Light to deliver the full performance benefits of both wavelengths.

2: Demand for More Functionality from Illuminators
As video surveillance systems become increasingly integrated and complex there is a requirement for illuminators to offer more functionality so they can be tailored for any installation.

The demand for deep integration and flexibility is currently serviced by Vario2 Network Illuminators that allow full control over the timing, power, frequency and pattern of the illumination. Each of these parameters can be adjusted manually, in real time, or integrated with other security devices to deliver pre-programmed lighting responses for different situations.

The demand for more functionality from illuminators leads quite naturally to Hybrid lighting – giving security professionals the opportunity to also control the wavelength of light that is required on alarm, on event or in any situation.

Why is Hybrid Lighting set to be the Next Big Thing?

Network Hybrid Lighting delivers the power of two whole illuminators, one Infra-Red and one White-Light, in a single IP PoE platform.

It is the most connected lighting solution available on the market and opens-up a whole new realm of possibilities in smart and intelligent lighting.

Having both Infra-Red and White-Light capability in ONE product provides an even quicker and even more dynamic security response – automatically changing to suit the needs of your site. The same illuminator can deliver Infra-Red for covert surveillance and then trigger White-Light on demand; either as a visual deterrent with a flashing output; for staff safety or for additional scene information for colour cameras.

A hybrid IP lighting solution makes it much more economical to deploy both Infra-Red and White-Light technology throughout a site. Previously, a security system requiring both Infra-Red and White-Light would have had to purchase and install two separate network illuminators to achieve the advantages of both Infra-Red and White-Light. Now, Network Hybrid Lighting not only provides increased functionality and improved security, but reduces infrastructure, cabling and capital outlay by half.

“We are seeing a significant increase in demand for Network Illuminators because security professionals want to integrate lighting into their video surveillance system. A logical next step is Hybrid Network Illuminators that can deliver the right type, the right amount, and the right duration of light required for any situation, moving away from the practise of specifying separate Infra-Red and White-Light illuminators.” – Tony Whiting, Raytec, Managing Director (Joint)

The Future of Network Lighting

Raytec see the functionality and performance of Network Illuminators continuing to develop over the next few years. Network illuminators are defined by their ability to be tailored for any installation so future developments will concentrate on giving each illuminator more flexibility. Technologies such as marine grade construction, extreme temperature ratings, high vibration and salinity resistance, and direct IP-based lighting angle control will be compressed into smaller efficient platforms and included in-the-box; allowing security professionals to use any or all of the functionalities best suited to improve the performance of their video surveillance system at night.

The future of surveillance lighting firmly lies in network solutions. Good lighting for better night time pictures is always the basic drive in any surveillance – but more IP control gives you even better pictures, and Hybrid lighting gives you the right type of light for any event.


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