Expedite Contact Tracing Efforts

16.06.2020 - Healthcare officials and organizations are facing the challenge of contact tracing quickly and effectively to curb the spread. Time is of the essence when it comes to backtracking...


Micro Ray 100M: The first barrier with microwave rays

02.03.2020 - Proudly ahead of market demand, Cias is glad to introduce a new concept of microwave barrier, able to couple the advantages of microwave volumetric lobes with those of infrared...


Know-How in Safety Part 2: Risk Assessment

21.02.2020 - In part two of our series 'Know-How in Safety', the Director Competence Center Service at Phoenix Contact, Thorsten Gast, explains comprehensively what risk assessment is all about...


Three reasons to migrate to a new access control system

28.01.2020 -

A well-functioning access control system is crucial for your organisations security and for efficient management of business processes and procedures. But organisations...


Intersec Dubai: Program for the Intersec Arena

15.01.2020 -

Businesses operate in a dynamic threat landscape, security professionals are required to work ahead of the curve to be predictive and not reactive. The ARENA provides a...


Whitepaper: Access Control System for Brewery

12.12.2019 -

When Swinkels Family Brewers wanted to unify its access control internationally, it chose AEOS by Nedap which enabled this producer of world-famous Bavaria beer to design...


Euralarm: Priorities and Challenges 2019-2024 Whitepaper

21.11.2019 -

Euralarm has presented its Priorities and Challenges 2019-2024. Working together for a safer and more secure future is the name of the document that describes areas of...



11.11.2019 -

Its that time again: Winners of the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2020 have beenconfirmed. Read about all winners in GIT SECURITY EMEA no. 4/2020. As soon as the issue is done you...