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Video security technology made in Germany: Panomera® multifocal sensor technology, IP cameras, recording servers, intelligent video analysis, video management software.

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Security Systems for Hotels 2023

15.12.2023 -

Although the safety and comfort of guests are always the common denominator in the hotel industry, there are large differences in structure, size and organization of...


What is the Right Technology For ‘Safe City’ Video Surveillance?

05.12.2023 -

For modern video technology in public spaces, numerous elements need to be coordinated, and knowledge needs to be built up quickly. There are decisions to be made...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024: The Winners

16.11.2023 -

GIT SECURITY presents the winners for GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024.


Security for Sun City Resort with Only Three Cameras

19.10.2023 -

Due to the size of the facility, monitoring all residents and day visitors to the “Valley of Waves” is a huge task. With just three Panomera cameras from Dallmeier, the...


Stadium Security Explained by Experts

05.10.2023 -

In our special focus, we ask three questions on stadium security to five experts: Steve Hodges, Stadium Expert and UK Operations Manager, Dallmeier UK, Dr. Volker Brink...


20 Years of GIT SECURITY: All Jubilee Interviews with Industry Leaders

08.09.2023 -

For our 20 year jubilee, we have interviewed many leaders in the industry about the past and the future and their take on industry-shaping developements.


Solving the Problem of Resolution Decreasing Towards the Back in Object Space

23.08.2023 -

Thomas Dallmeier, CEO Dallmeier electronic, talks about video technology and the responsibilities entrepreneurs have to take on. For our 20 year jubilee, GIT SECURITY has...


Continuity and Further Growth: In Conversation with Thomas Dallmeier

27.06.2023 -

Thomas Dallmeier was a member of the board of directors years before he took over from his father Dieter Dallmeier as CEO, and has been heavily involved in strategic...


Security Solutions for Airports 2023

06.06.2023 -

Climate activists belonging to the “Last Generation” group succeeded in gaining access to the apron of both the new Berlin airport and also the airport in Munich, and...


Every Meter Perimeter: Video Surveillance Solution at Production Plant

11.05.2023 -

Tailored video security technology from Dallmeier provides perimeter security and workplace safety.


Mourning for Dieter Dallmeier

22.12.2022 -

Dieter Dallmeier, company founder and CEO of Dallmeier Electronic, passed away on 16 December 2022 after a short, serious illness.


Multifocal Sensor Technology for Railway Stations in Denmark

15.12.2022 -

Secured with centrally-managed video security by Dallmeier at 180 railway stations, Danish State Railways (Danske Statsbaner, DSB) operates the local passenger transport...


Casino 2.0: Easy Security Operations for Casinos

02.12.2022 -

Dallmeier is launching a comprehensive awareness campaign to show how modern video technology can help casinos.


GIT System Test Video Analytics 2022: Test Results

30.11.2022 -

GIT SECURITY hosted the first independent test of video systems for perimeter detection together with the expert office of Markus Piendl (SMP) and the system house i...


Challenge for Stadium Crowd Management: Stormy Young Males

04.11.2022 -

Excessive emotion brings fans storming the pitch, igniting detonators and pyrotechnics in stadiums.


Security for Safe Cities: Focus Interview

05.10.2022 -

Four experts talk about approaches and solutions for a safer city.


Dallmeier presents Domera 6000

20.05.2022 -

Unique Combination of AI Analytics, Motor-Driven Triaxial Adjustment and IR/White Light Outside the Bubble


Special Focus: Stadium Security in 2021

07.09.2021 -

We have been holding sports events for thousands of years, where dozens of competitors and thousands of spectators come together to race chariots or formula one cars, to...


Security for Ports 2021

15.07.2021 -

Keeping up logistics, shipping on high seas and waterways is a business which needs to be carefully run on big trade ports, rivers or passages, ­especially on the word...


Access Control Solutions for Critical Infra­structure and High Security Applications

13.07.2021 -

We hardly notice them, but they are there, all day and every day; the equipment installations and their control and monitoring systems that supply us all with electricity...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2021 – The Winners

28.01.2021 -

Especially in these times one should be happy about the beautiful things. For example the GIT SECURITY AWARD. The winners for 2021 have been confirmed. Here are the top...


GIT SECURITY AWARD: Register your product, service or solution now

22.01.2021 -

If you are a security provider, register your solution now. Or recommend a product as a user. - Registration deadline: 31 March 2021


Master Of Observation: A conversation with Dieter Dallmeier

23.12.2020 -

When you think about video technology from Dallmeier, you first of all think of the multifocal technology of the ‘Panomera’ cameras. Very large areas and views can be...


Three Questions for Five Experts: High Resolution Cameras

16.12.2020 -

In this series, GIT SECURITY EMEA ask three questions to three industry experts about the issue's special focus. This time we asked five experts for their view on high...


Video Security for Fourteen English Premier League Clubs

05.03.2020 - Like many national football leagues, the teams of the English Premier League also suffer from unacceptable incidents such as people lighting pyrotechnics and throwing projectiles...


Public Transport Security 2020

03.03.2020 - When evil minds want to spread their message and set about causing significant damage to property and people to get themselves noticed, security personnel can be one step ahead and...


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