Protecting Buildings, Large and Small: A Range of Access and Security Products

Abus makes Access Secure, No Matter Where You Are

04.12.2018 - Employing around 3,500 people worldwide means that a company can invent, develop and refine their products to address the constantly changing needs of the international security ma...

Employing around 3,500 people worldwide means that a company can invent, develop and refine their products to address the constantly changing needs of the international security markets. Abus fits this description well and offers a wide range of security products suitable for both large and small access control and security system installations.

Today’s access control systems have to meet the highest digital and physical security standards. At the same time, users expect integration into home automation systems and intuitive online and app-based operation. The Abus wAppLoxx system, which was one of the winners of the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2019, and also won the iF Product Design Award 2017 and Plus X Award for the ‘Best Product of 2016/2017’, combines these modern requirements and offers networked security with maximum convenience and flexibility. The electronic wAppLoxx locking cylinder can be used to open doors securely, locally as well as globally, via a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. An encrypted peer-to-peer connection for data transmission provides security, so changes to locking rights can be implemented in just seconds, no matter where you are. Up to 20 cylinders and 150 users can be managed.

Home automation functions can also be integrated so that users can conveniently operate garage doors or lighting systems via the electronic locking cylinders and hotkeys in the app. Coming soon is wAppLoxx SE, an access control system of the future for the end-consumer market.

Look – No Wires
Through cooperations with strategic partners, Abus also enhances the usage of its products that then integrate with third party products to provide convenient total security solutions. The company recently demonstrated through interconnectivity within product family and with external partners how their Secvest Touch system can be used in hybrid alarm systems. For example, it is possible to connect lights, window blinds and heating systems to a comprehensive security solution using the smart home platform from digitalSTROM. Security and convenience complement one another perfectly since, in the event of an alarm, it may prove very useful for shutters to be simultaneously opened or closed and for escape routes to be illuminated.
Abus is offering a new I/O module for smaller scale solutions and smart home applications. The distance between the I/O module and the control panel is therefore no longer a problem, thanks to wireless communication. The module enables hybrid alarm technology with up to 20 additional individually identifiable wired zones. Thanks to this access control and video connection, the system is ideally suited to modernization and retrofitting projects, new builds and SMEs.
In addition to VDS home certification, the Secvest Touch complies with the EN grade 2 security standard and can thus be funded through the KfW bank. In 2018, the system was awarded the German Design Award 2018 for combining convenience, security and design.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words
Abus has added twenty-five new products to its professional video portfolio of network video surveillance cameras. A matching video management software package also offers benefits to both retailers and large-scale enterprises. Eight of the new models are part of the advanced range and are available with 2 or 8 megapixel resolutions, while high-quality components, such as the hypersensitive Tamron lenses and Sony image sensor, complement the new portfolio.

Recording Solution
The Abus Video Solution (AVS) provides an all-in-one solution for particularly demanding video surveillance installations. It consists of both hardware and software and is fully scalable. In collaboration with the pre-installed video management software, between four and thirty-two hard drives can be used for recording per server and can also be connected to other servers if required. The solution also has a RAID option and an optional redundant power supply to protect against loss of valuable data. This makes the system ideal for any size of business, ranging from traditional retailers up to shopping centers that cover several square kilometers and have hundreds of cameras.


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