Quantum Secure Safe Piam Platform Continues Growth

06.04.2017 - Quantum Secure, part of HID Global, continues to grow its roster of end users for its Safe platform. 2016 growth was seen in the application of all Safe core technologies and was a...

Quantum Secure, part of HID Global, continues to grow its roster of end users for its Safe platform. 2016 growth was seen in the application of all Safe core technologies and was additionally fueled by further expansion of the Safe offerings including safe Tenant Manager, Safe Sports and Events and Safe Predictive Risk Analytics Updates. By industry, exceptional growth was seen in government, aviation, finance, utilities and high-tech markets. The company’s platform now manages 7.5 million identities worldwide, maintaining Quantum Secure’s position as the world’s largest Physical Identity and Access Management (Piam) software vendor.

“The ongoing strong results we see reflect our commitment to continued improvements and enhancements to the Safe software suite and keep us in the forefront of managed physical security solutions,” said Ajay Jain, President and CEO, Quantum Secure. “More than ever, across a wide range of vertical market applications, Safe is the solution of choice to automate processes that offer real-time insight for identifying potential risks and create a safer and more secure environment.”

Key enhancements to Safe that have helped maintain growth momentum include:

Safe Tenant Manager
Safe Tenant Manager provides a self-service interface for organizations that have multiple third-party vendors, contractors or tenants sharing a facility or multiple buildings. This allows administrators to submit new company and contractor information for more independent management of facility and access related requests. Tenants can request physical access and new badges, invite visitors as well as book freight elevators in a faster, more efficient way using the advanced user experience delivered by Safe. This decentralization allows for smoother tenant management operations and allows the parent organization to maintain control centrally with the appropriate visibility and approvals in place.

Safe Sports and Events
Quantum Secure’s Safe Sports and Events Access Manager enables secure and rapid entry to stadiums or other venues providing a high-quality, high-security customer experience for temporary or limited-engagement events. This mobile-app solution removes the need to rely on clipboards and lists to manage contractors, vendors, volunteers and thousands of other non-ticket holders who need temporary access to venues. The solution also integrates with IT systems and multiple handheld devices for swift, accurate real-time validation and immediate onboarding and provisioning for a variety of identity types based on each identity’s appropriate access permissions. Additionally, the solution records identity access logs to track key operational and security metrics and streamline compliance processes.

Safe Predictive Risk Analytics Updates
Safe Risk Analytics aggregates and correlates data from multiple external systems to generate cross application reports and provides interactive, point-and-click views of key physical security and other integrated security risks.

Additional 2016 Quantum Secure Safe highlights include the following:

  • Certified for use by Lenel for OnGuard and with Amag Technology’s Symmetry
  • New customers in a number of industries: airports, high-tech, finance, automotive, sports and events, as well as government, and oil and gas customers. 

Quantum Secure’s Safe 5.0 represents the next generation in physical identity and access management software. Featuring an intuitive interface and advanced reporting capabilities, Safe 5.0 delivers critical information in a single view, providing organizations with actionable intelligence to make better decisions regarding security and operations. Safe 5.0’s powerful dashboards can be viewed from virtually any device, streamlining and simplifying initiation and auditing of access-related requests.


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