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06.12.2016 - Security solutions of the future have to cope with a whole series of challenges. These include protection against intruders and hackers as well as simple, intuitive operation. At t...

Security solutions of the future have to cope with a whole series of challenges. These include protection against intruders and hackers as well as simple, intuitive operation. At the same time, the security system should adapt to its users, learn with them and be extendable. Abus recently exhibited at Security in Essen and impressed with displays of their complete and well-considered product portfolio. The company is now looking ahead to the year 2024 and is sketching out its vision of networked security.

Our world is becoming more networked and security is becoming more complex. Where mechanical intruder protection would have been sufficient in the past, modern security olutions also have to protect against virtual intruders. They have to cope with risk situations using several components and provide control both from the local operating device as well as via a smartphone, tablet and PC.

A glimpse into the year 2024 produces this vision: in future, there is only to be one Abus user interface that operates all security applications. With it, all security components can be flexibly and easily operated. The company is combining the existing expertise of its security solutions in an ever more intelligent manner and thus creating a coherent overall concept from one source.

Over the next fourteen years, there will certainly be further technical innovations, new discoveries and changing customer requirements. Abus has already assembled a solid security product portfolio for the meantime that addresses many aspects of building and object security and already enables the interaction of specific systems.

The company’s latest IP cameras, for example, are structured into three product groups: Basic, Advanced and Special. This simple classification assists integrators/installers and customers in choosing the appropriate model for their needs. The Advanced IP camera series (IPCA) has exceptional backlight compensation, an ultra-low-light function and intelligent video content analysis - overkill in some situations you may say, but absolutely essential in others. Adding object counting or ‘tripwire’ image analysis can reveal valuable operational business data or initiate automatic alarms. Video surveillance management can be done with Abus’ intuitive Eyseo software, which will administer up to 16 network cameras via a simple to use human interface.

Arriving home to find chaos in every room after a break-in is the nightmare of every home owner and tenant. With statistics showing continually increasing numbers of domestic and small business break-ins, a strategy to avoid being part of those statistics may be the use of Abus Smartvest. This wireless alarm system forms the hub for sirens, motion detectors, door opening and smoke/heat detectors, IP cameras and smart wireless sockets. Everything is installed and managed through a free app that will receive alarms, access live video images and control multiple devices. Installation is as simple as fitting the peripherals where they will best be able to detect trouble and then including them into the system via the app. A clever theft deterrent strategy could be, for example, to switch on lights via the wireless sockets as soon as motion detectors are activated.

And still at home, or rather standing before the front door laden with heavy bags, the Home Tec Pro actuator provides a very convenient way to open the door using either a wireless remote control or a wireless numeric keypad near the door. Carrying and inserting keys is no longer necessary, a blessing for large families whose members are going out and returning at all times of day and night. Each family member can have their own remote control too.

Home and Away
Taking the concept one stage further, Abus’ Wapploxx gives a high level of convenience for access control and alarm system administration for professional users and owners of small to medium-sized buildings. The system is controlled via a web browser or mobile phone app – also remotely via Internet or Intranet – and enables access to be granted specifically to up to 150 people at preset times of day. Commands are sent encrypted to wireless locks on up to 20 different doors, and interaction with the alarm system virtually eliminates the possibility of false alarms caused by authorized personnel. Time periods can be easily defined during which specific personnel have access to the building and wanted visitors can have the door unlocked for them via the app. The robust yet elegant electronic door locks incorporate Mifare Desfire readers, enabling the use of various types of ID media.  

Designing the Future in a Partner Role
Abus intends to promote the joint development of security systems for an even closer partnership with its installers and end customers. Requests and suggestions from end customers and specialist installers are to be actively involved in the technical creation process so as to find solutions that are ideal for everyone. Guests at the recent Security Essen event were therefore also warmly invited to register with Abus to benefit from exclusive information on the topic of “Networked security solutions” and to jointly shape the future of security technology with them.


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