Smart CCTV Solutions From LG Electronics

11.11.2014 - One Family With Many RelativesThe LG CCTV product family is growing. All new cameras are familiar to their siblings, the new HD-Line-Up has the same housing style as the well-known...

One Family With Many Relatives
The LG CCTV product family is growing. All new cameras are familiar to their siblings, the new HD-Line-Up has the same housing style as the well-known Full-HD cameras, providing consistency and familiarity throughout the range. The 1.3MP CMOS sensor is driven by the same XARINA Chipset. This leading edge technology has then been developed and enhanced by LG engineers, to make the cameras smarter and easier to use.

Built in video analytics features provide intrusion detection, tampering, face and object detection as well as counting. Combining these features with bi-directional audio and audio Detection makes the cameras powerful surveillance tools. Network edge recording is provided by full SD card support. All these and many more practical features are the basis for a flexible camera family that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Available as box, fixed dome and bullet cameras, these family members excel in many different situations.

Big Brothers and Sisters
Higher in resolution but with the same sharp, stylish looks as the 1.3MP cameras, the Full-HD family offers advanced picture quality in addition to the popular feature of SmartControl. SmartControl allows fixed dome cameras to be remotely controlled to change the angle of view and direction. This simplifies and speeds up the installation of the camera; also making maintenance more efficient. Additionally, the customer achieves greater flexibility, as the camera's field of view can be adjusted with a fingertip on a smart phone, tablet or computer. So as the risk changes, the camera can be remotely adjusted to meet the new requirements with no need to attend the site.

Parents Take Care
To control and record the video data sent by the different IP cameras, LG has 3 solutions: The 16 and 24 channel hybrid DVRs combine both worlds of analogue and IP digital systems in one unit. The 4 and 24 channel network recorders for small and medium surveillance systems and the fully-scalable LVi510 software suite, can control and manage all LG recording devices and IP cameras. LVi510 is free to use for up to 16 recording channels and as a Central Management System for the recorders and can be upgraded to a large Video Management system, with up to 500 cameras. Offering features like video wall and site-map support, client-server architecture, various recording and search methods, it fulfils the needs of many security projects and applications.

The Little Helpers Around 
They are not the main players in the LG CCTV family, but still an important part. Accessories of different types are the key to utilising the cameras in various environments. Controllers, brackets, back boxes and many other smart additions enable the products to be more flexible in daily use and help provide solutions to many challenging installation tasks.

And the Family Grows and Grows
Not only from a technical point of view, but also in regard to the sales strategy, LG and Eu-SP are working as one with the same objective. All sales partners in Europe are chosen carefully to become part of the LG family. Close co-operation and open communication is the foundation for a trusting and successful market approach. Distribution partners in each European country are acting together and the contact between them is encouraged by the manufacturer and regional representative Eu-SP. Customer conferences and regional meetings are helping to identify market trends and needs to define future products that are optimised for European requirements in projects and applications. Together with an innovative technical development, this kind of market strategy is able to create strong organic growth and a stable market position. Sales partners of LG and Eu-SP are secured and will find the best environment to establish a successful and reliable business for the future. A true family in every respect.