Technology Partner Program from Bosch Introduced at Security Essen

11.02.2013 - With the presentation of its Technology Partner Program (TPP) at the Security Essen trade fair, Bosch Security Systems has enabled inter-operable solutions that fit any application...

With the presentation of its Technology Partner Program (TPP) at the Security Essen trade fair, Bosch Security Systems has enabled inter-operable solutions that fit any application's specific needs. The web-based platform assists customers in identifying compatible video surveillance hardware or software solutions that will seamlessly inter-operate with an existing Bosch installation.

The program helps developers and other experts to design compatible solutions by ease of use integration tools and samples. All third party solutions that are listed in the portal have already successfully undergone stringent quality checks by Bosch.

The Need for Compatible Partner Products and Systems
"The security market has become extremely diverse and complex, especially since the switch to IP solutions," says David Lenot, Business Development Manager EMEA at Bosch Security Systems. "Different applications can have very heterogeneous surveillance requirements and customers are increasingly asking for unique solutions. In addition to this, comprehensive systems also have to be expandable at any point in time, which is why their composition needs to be a flexible one. With the help of TPP, owners can quickly identify compatible partner products and systems that are a perfect match for installed Bosch equipment while adding features and services without restriction."

TPP benefits partners and customers alike by providing just the right information in one place. It gives all development partners wishing to build integration tools, samples and solutions transparent and easy access to the relevant resources, from documents to training. The program provides assistance across the portfolio, covering all features for integration purposes.

Easy Access to Technical Resources
Customers can use the web-based Solution Advisor search engine to scan through existing applications or specific features to identify the right solution for the respective system. TPP helps multiply the solutions and guides the client to the matching result. Users can combine products from Bosch with leading video management devices from Genetec, Milestone, Nice and many other companies.

Similarly, data storage solutions are available from a range of providers, such as Netapp, EMC and Iomega. Integration of components is made easier by application and task-related code samples, as well as preconfigured integration packages. Additionally, the program provides a variety of technical support contacts for members and premium partners to optimize the combination of Bosch features or products with third-party devices and vice versa.

Beneficial Partnerships
Allowing the simple integration of third-party solutions has always been part of Bosch's principles. Solutions by the company are designed to be integration friendly. For example, all IP cameras and encoders run one firmware. Partners therefore can support dozens of products at the same time. With TTP, the company continues to open up its business and presents its video products in the most transparent way possible.

"It is essential that innovative and technically competent suppliers of development services and series products are involved early and systematically in devising new solutions," says Rudolf Spielberger, Head of Technology Partner Programs. In line with this philosophy, Bosch Security Systems, together with Axis Communications and Sony Corporation, founded the ONVIF international product standard in 2008. The aim of ONVIF is to enable the integration of network video devices from different manufacturers. "TPP is thus a continuation of this way of thinking into the second decade of the 21st century."



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