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20.08.2021 - In the physical security industry, professional services are typically recognized for supporting customers in the design and deployment phases of their security systems. They also work alongside partners and integrators to optimize system performance and mitigate project risks so that the customer is reassured that their project will run smoothly and that they’ll get the most from their security investment. Although these services are valuable, the needs of most organizations are quickly evolving and traditional services are not enough.



Every day there are new and emerging threats, both cyber and physical. Technology evolves quickly and we all need to continuously adapt to new ways of working. What’s considered the perfect security solution today, may not be the best solution tomorrow.

Supporting the rapid evolution of technology
To ensure that organizations are protected and their security needs will always be covered, professional services have to evolve and offer expert support into the future.

It’s no longer enough to make sure the solution that the customer has chosen is designed and deployed correctly. The collaboration between the customer, the distributor or integrator, and the professional services team must continue beyond this point and grow consistently over time to make certain that the solutions deployed remain relevant and secure.

Professional services experts are in the best position to master the solutions they develop; they also have an in-depth understanding of customer needs and their environments. And can advise on the solutions and tools that need to be implemented for any upgrade, renewal, or expansion project – while keeping the customer’s best interest in mind. Customers can rest easy knowing their security solution is protected and secure.

It's not just about choosing the right solutions to meet the customer’s new expectations. Beyond questions of basic functionality, it’s a concerted effort to effectively manage technological transitions: which solutions need to be added, for which current or future needs? At what pace should they be deployed? With which technology? The professional services team has the answers because they have an in-depth knowledge of the solutions, their functionalities, their limitations, and even their future developments.

Facilitating operational transitions
Another important aspect of professional services is the ability to support companies in the evolution of their core business functions and operations. This is a fundamental trend which has become increasingly important in light of the recent global pandemic. The constant changes we’ve experienced have impacted many aspects of physical security, with airports, public transport, entertainment venues, and even law enforcement, all having to adapt to new threats and working conditions.

These organizations have a good understanding of how they want to grow, but not necessarily what technology exists to help them get there. These types of projects require major operational transformation. It’s a journey that needs to be clearly laid out, starting with defining objectives and identifying the technological means to achieve them.

This is where professional services can help. They know the products and their functionalities inside out and have a broader view of the market and industry knowledge. They can support the customer in any required software and technology upgrades and even suggest new ways to leverage existing solutions.

To remain viable, a physical security solution needs to evolve with the customer's needs for operational efficiency, scalability, and adaptability, while protecting the company and its resources from external threats. This is where professional services experts play a key role as partners and advisors – today and in the future.

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