GIT SECURITY AWARD 2022 - Winner: Fire and Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety

25.11.2021 - The 2022 GSA winners in the "Fire and Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety" category have been selected. A neutral jury had examined a shortlist of submitted products and solutions last April and May. We then presented this shortlist of nominees to you, dear reader, for voting from June to August. After counting all votes, we present the winners of the GIT SECURITY AWARDs of all categories here on Congratulations to the creators of the products and solutions!

Assa Abloy: ePED Panic Touch Bar

The design-oriented ePED panic touch bar combines panic bar and escape door control terminal in a single functional unit.
A separate terminal on the wall is no longer necessary minimizing the wiring effort. The escape door system is controlled via the integrated terminal with touch display. It repwlaces four modules: escape route icon, emergency button, authorized operation and display of the time delay. If the ePED touch bar is combined with a suitable lock, the burglary protection can also be increased. The system solution can be delivered and set up completely by the door manufacturer. The ePED push bar can be easily integrated into the door technology via Assa Abloy’s Hi-O bus technology.

Bosch: Avenar Panel Fire Alarm Systems

The new Bosch fire alarm systems Avenar panel were developed from the start with the stipulation of IoT connectivity and optimized usability. The already integrated 4-way IP switch reduces the need for additional hardware and supports convenient and cross-functional networking with voice alarm systems as well as integration into building management systems. Remote services via mobile apps for IOS and Android devices complement handling during operation, maintenance, and alarm management. The two fire alarm control panels Avenar panel 2000 and 8000 follow a modular concept and can each be equipped with up to 46 modules and up to 32 loops. Avenar panel offers a distributed architecture for campus solutions and can be equipped with multiple interfaces for an extended range of applications. The new eMatrix function gives clear feedback, shows the status of each evacuation zone as well as the fire protection equipment.

Munk Günzburger Steigtechnik: Multi-purpose Ladder with Steps

The 3-section multi-purpose ladder with steps has been developed in line with the latest version of TRBS 2121 Part 2, therefore meeting the stricter TRBS requirements. The result is a versatile all-rounder with added workplace safety. The ladder is equipped with 80-mm-deep steps from top to bottom (with double-wide step in the overlapping area), nivello ladder shoes, and stabiliser for extra-secure footing with 2-axis inclination technology and replaceable base plates as standard. The clip-step R13 step padding brings maximum slip prevention (slip class R13). Yellow signal markings highlight the area precisely where particular care must be taken when stepping onto the ladder. The ‘roll-bar’ can be ordered additionally for ergonomic means of transport and is sponsored by BG BAU.



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