Safety Shoes for Different Weather Conditions

26.10.2023 - There is no such thing as the one safety shoe that provides optimum protection and safety in all weather conditions. That's why Ejendals has developed four models that are uniform in their basic functions and appearance, but each contain special features tailored to the season. For example, the Jalas 1398 Heavy Duty GTX is particularly suited to cold weather work and offers additional stability in snow and ice with its Vibram Arctic Grip Pro outsole.

To ensure that employees are well equipped in all weather conditions, Ejendals now has the new Jalas Exalter and Jalas Heavy Duty safety shoes in its portfolio with a Gore-Tex membrane. They not only provide protection against wind and weather, but also give a good feeling when worn. Veronika Seliger, Technical Support & Training at Ejendals.

GIT SECURITY: Ms. Seliger, what was the background to the development of new safety shoe models?

Veronika Seliger: Central Europe has a changeable climate throughout the year. Winter can be very cold and snowy. Especially in spring and fall, continuous rain with cool temperatures is not uncommon. In summer, temperatures are milder, but wet conditions are also to be expected. In addition, a breathable shoe is essential, especially in warm temperatures. The one safety shoe that provides the optimum in protection and safety in all weather conditions does not exist.

That's why we have developed four models that are uniform in their basic functions and appearance, but each contain special features tailored to the season. Four seasons, four safety footwear solutions - it fits! The Jalas Exalter GTX and Jalas Heavy Duty GTX series are our premium safety range for Nordic weather conditions, covering a very wide size spectrum (34-47).


Is there anything that connects all four shoe models?

Veronika Seliger: First of all, it's the Gore-Tex membrane found in the new Jalas 9988 Exalter GTX, Jalas 9968 Exalter GTX, Jalas 9998 Exalter GTX and Jalas 1398 Heavy Duty GTX safety shoes. For decades, this material has been the epitome of waterproofness combined with very high breathability. As a Scandinavian company, we specialize in weather protection. It was clear to us that if we were to develop new safety footwear with comprehensive wetness protection, it would have to be equipped with Gore-Tex all around.


Apart from the Gore-Tex membrane, are there other features that link the shoes together?

Veronika Seliger: As a rule, an employee has at least two pairs of shoes - for milder weather and for lower temperatures. They expect the same quality and functional features from their work shoes. We attach great importance to wearing comfort in all our products. Accordingly, all models have a similar design.

For example, the Boa closure system is placed on the side to avoid uncomfortable pressure points in squatting or kneeling positions. In addition, with Jalas FX3 Supreme, we have integrated a multi-layer cushioning system - consisting of a functional insole, a PU midsole and the Vibram outsole. Due to this structure, the weight is evenly distributed on the foot and the integrated Poron (polyurethane foam) absorbs 95% of the impact energy. Last but not least, all models are equipped with EN 20345 safety class S3 features, including a lightweight aluminum toe cap and flexible PTC nail penetration protection.


Now we have already heard a lot about the similarities of the shoe models. What exactly are the differences?

Veronika Seliger: As already mentioned, with our new products we cover all weather conditions that can occur throughout the year. For the milder months, when it may well rain, we have designed the Jalas 9968 Exalter GTX safety shoe and the Jalas 9988 Exalter GTX with a half-height upper. On the one hand, the microfiber upper and the Gore-Tex membrane ensure that the foot is protected from outside moisture. On the other hand, even during sweaty activities, a constantly pleasant and dry climate prevails inside the shoe.

Especially for the transition months in spring and autumn with a very high probability of precipitation, the safety boot Jalas 9998 Exalter GTX is the perfect companion. The medium cold insulation creates an optimal protective barrier in bad weather and damp ground. The full grain leather, functional textile and microfiber upper delivers comprehensive protection and supports the foot in every movement.


Slowly but surely we are approaching the cold season again!

Veronika Seliger: That's right. You should be prepared for that. With the Jalas 1398 Heavy Duty GTX, working in freezing cold and high humidity is no problem. All our experience with Nordic weather conditions has gone into the design development. The fully integrated lining keeps feet reliably warm even in sub-zero temperatures. In addition, the robust upper made of full-grain leather and functional material provides excellent protection even in adverse working conditions. To ensure stability on slippery surfaces such as ice and snow, this model has the Vibram Arctic Grip Pro outsole.



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