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Safety Shoes for Different Weather Conditions

26.10.2023 -

There is no such thing as the one safety shoe that provides optimum protection and safety in all weather conditions. That's why Ejendals has developed four models that...


Preventing Arc Faults in Electrical Installations

19.09.2023 -

“A gas discharge between two electrodes!” This is the definition of an electric arc. If an arc like this occurs in an environment involving high energies, an enormously...


No More Greenwashing in Workwear Production

11.03.2022 -

The textile industry impacts severely upon the environment worldwide. Fristads wants to promote work on sustainability in the industry, which means taking account of the...


Gloves: Strong Duo Against Cuts

08.07.2021 -

In everyday work and the working environment, cuts are among the most common accidents at work. About 30 percent of all “non-fatal injuries” are external injuries such as...


Two Strong Partners: An Interview on Workwear with BASF and Timberland

16.12.2020 -

Who said work boots must be boring and uncomfortable? Bert Spiller, Vice President Product Creation at Timberland Pro and Dr. Mark Zhu, Market Segment Manager for...


Whitepaper: COVID-19 Workplace Protection Guide

29.07.2020 - With the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, many businesses and industries had to shut down during widespread stay-at-home orders. As we...


Protecting Employees Means Protection of ­Investment

25.03.2020 - There are numerous special and niche suppliers on the market for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This makes procurement time-consuming and expensive. In addition, there is a...


Industrial Safety: Ansell’s 125-Year Healthy History Continues

23.03.2020 - Ansell’s Industrial division manufactures and markets hand and body protection solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, protecting workers in almost every industry...