Sicurezza 2023: Security and Fire-Fighting Innovations on Show

06.11.2023 - With 347 companies exhibiting from 31 different countries, with the main foreign participants from China, France, Germany, Spain and the UK, Sicurezza 2023 is preparing to showcase the most advanced security and fire solutions designed to protect goods, property and people. The exhibition will take place from 15-17 November at Fiera Milano.

Further supporting international development is the incoming project that, in addition to the tens of thousands of visiting trade operators, will allow exhibitors to meet with 120 hosted buyers from 36 countries in one-to-one meetings, selected by geographical area and high spending capacity by Fiera Milano in cooperation with Agenzia ICE, the Italian Trade Commission, from Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, South Africa and the UAE, the main potential markets for the solutions on show.

The Market
With a turnover of 3.3 billion euro, in 2022 the Italian market regained momentum, recording - according to Anie Sicurezza data - a +11.4 percent annual increase in aggregate turnover at current values. The trend is across the board for all product sectors, with more sustained momentum for video-surveillance (+16.1%) and fire-fighting (+10.4%); intrusion detection is also on the rise, although it has not yet reached pre-pandemic levels. Growth on the domestic market was positive (+10.6%), benefiting above all from the expansionary cycle of investments in construction, both residential and public. Growth on foreign markets was sustained (+22.8%), although the percentage of foreign sales on total turnover remained modest and will be slightly higher than 12 percent in 2022.

The first half of 2023 also confirmed the upward trend, which, across the product segments represented, is strongly exposed to the macro-trends in cybersecurity, which, from an IT related problem, has in fact evolved into a central challenge for risk and business performance management.

The Exhibition Offer: Trends and Highlights
Digitisation, new intelligent, integrated and customised systems, smart-building and smart-city, combined with the cross-sectoral theme of data security, will be the main focus of the entire event, which crosses all the industry's product components: CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Fire Safety, Access Control, Passive Security.

The offer will shine the spotlight on the most innovative solutions, from ultra-high resolution cameras, with advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence systems on board, to digital and integrated intrusion detection solutions, from “as a service” access control to fire-fighting solutions on a digital platform, which can be controlled and maintained remotely.

The Value of Skills: Training Focus
The training programme is packed, providing a unique opportunity to discuss the most advanced solutions, develop new skills and keep up to date on trends, regulations and scenarios. A proposal that makes Sicurezza not only a key event for business development and networking, but also a professional training space for the various professionals in the sector.

From the role of technologies in security management in smart cities to regulatory developments in fire safety, from the new challenges for private security to the topic of public security procurement, from product certification to professional certification, the agenda offers meetings tailored to the needs of all professionals. There will be technical seminars and product insights for installers, designers and system integrators, as well as seminars for security managers. Public Administration officials will also be able to explore crucial topics such as renewable energy communities and cybersecurity in local authority management.

The topic of cyber security, an urgent and complex challenge involving all sectors, will be explored in a dedicated space, the Cyber Security Arena, a training area created with the support of Business International, Fiera Milano's content division.

With the increase in cyber attacks, concern for the protection of personal data and corporate assets has become a priority. Thanks to AI, it is possible to forestall and prevent damage, but investing in the training of professionals and company staff to increase awareness of the dangers of digitisation is crucial.

The Cyber Security Arena is designed to address these challenges and respond to the new needs of the sector, offering a space for analysis and in-depth discussion with associations, experts, national security experts, academics and companies. Following a tried and tested format, the Arena will alternate between Cyber Security Talks, in-depth meetings, and Cyber Security Tips, short information sessions with directly applicable tips and best practices.

The Sicurezza training programme is further enriched by MIBA's cross-sector offer that will provide a wide-ranging focus on the evolution of building.


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