Sep. 11, 2020

Twenty Years of RF

Narda Safety Test Solutions has developed into a significant supplier of test equipment for electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields (EMF) over the past 20 years.

The company was founded in 2000 by the USA-based L3 Technologies, New York. The product range for the EMF Safety sector includes broadband and selective measuring devices, measuring stations and personal EMF monitors. The company’s EMC test receivers find use both in industry and in test laboratories. The receiver modules are mounted directly on the antennas. The Radman device is a personal radiation monitor that gives reliable, timely warning of electromagnetic radiation. The highly specialized SRM (Selective Radiation Meter) can automatically and reliably determine which cellular network provider is causing the highest exposure level at a given time. The IDA quickly and simply traces rogue transmitters and eliminates interference. The Signalshark is a measuring instrument with a POI (Probability of Intercept) and detects hidden signals right down to a signal duration of 3.2 μs with 100% probability to identify and direction find rapid hopping signals and radar. Together with the ADFA 2 automatic direction-finding antenna, it forms a compact solution for precision direction finding of signals from 10 MHz up to 8 GHz.


Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH
Sandwiesenstraße 7
72793 Pfullingen
Phone: +49/(0)7121/9732-723
Telefax: +49/(0)7121/9732-790

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