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Through the digital product world in the virtual showroom

15.03.2021 -

SimonsVoss is now offering technology and system partners the opportunity to take an informative tour with customers through the digital product world in its new virtual...


Digital Lock Technology Increases Security And Reduces Costs

04.09.2019 -

The mechanical locking system of a cooperative housing estate is only as safe as the care with which the residents look after the keys. Operators of such housing estates...


The German Parliament: A Constantly Growing Locking System

10.05.2019 -

On 19 April 1999, the keys of the old and, at the same time, the new Reichstag building were symbolically handed over. In September of the same year, the German...


Access Management via Smartphone: As Few Clicks as Possible

18.12.2018 -

The complete Dom system of locking cylinders, fittings and wall readers is easy to operate from a mobile phone, thanks to the ENiQ app. Set up authorisations for...


Locking Systems: A Smart House Needs Smart Locks

21.09.2018 -

Key and lock an ingenious, not to say smart invention. They are an ancient testament to the power of human invention and are still omnipresent today. The zig-zag metal...


Combining the Advantages of Mechanical and Electronic Keys and Locks into One System

25.05.2018 -

Lock and key security has come a long way since Ancient Egypt. Over the centuries, the Romans, the lever tumbler and Linus Yales pin tumbler all took the technology...


A Closer Look at Combined Mechanical and Electronic Locking Systems

08.12.2016 -

The Evva company has been an innovator in mechanics for almost one hundred years. And the introduction around two years ago of the Xesar and Airkey locking systems marked...


Aug. Winkhaus: new generation of locking systems

08.08.2012 -

Aug. Winkhaus: new generation of locking systems. Security, unlimited expandability and flexible changes of access authorisations are important requirements for modern...