How to Choose the Most Appropriate Technology for Perimeter Security of Sensitive Sites

Benjamin Tate from Sorhea at Wiley Industry Days 2021

Benjamin Tate gives answers to the following questions during Wiley Industry Days exhibition and conference.


What are you looking to protect?
-    Intellectual property, people, goods, machines…
-    Entire site or a specific zone.
What are the risks?
-    Financial, political, social  
-    Vandalism, theft, sabotage, terrorist
What do you want your security system to do?
-    Repulse, prevent, slow down, detect, track….
What budget is available?

What are the technologies and product configurations?
What are the strengths and limits of these technologies?
Mixing the right technologies, product configurations.

Presenter: Benjamin Tate – Head of International Sales, Sorhea
Moderation: Steffen Ebert and Lisa Holland, GIT SECURITY EMEA


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