Cyber Protection Guide: How To Harden Your Mobotix Video System

Cyber-attacks against internet connected software and hardware is a growing problem. In recent years, attackers are increasingly focused on exploiting the weakest links within a security perimeter to gain access to critical applications and sensitive data. With video surveillance technology as a vital part of site security that often inhabits a shared corporate network; video surveillance devices are increasingly becoming the target of directed cyber-attacks.
Recognising this emerging trend, Mobotix has developed a set of built-in tools and features allowing IT security administrators to configure each device as part of a multi-layered approach to cyber security. These tools when used alongside other security elements such as firewalls and network segmentation can reduce the attack surface presented by Mobotix devices as part of a secure access policy for administrators and users. This guide provides practical advice on how to configure Mobotix devices to offer the most protection against cyber-attack along with best practice guidance on building a secure video surveillance infrastructure.


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