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17.02.2017 - Last year at Intersec in Dubai, GIT SECURITY discussed IT security aspects of video surveillance systems with Markus Wierny, Head of Product Management Firmware, Software and Stora...

Last year at Intersec in Dubai, GIT SECURITY discussed IT security aspects of video surveillance systems with Markus Wierny, Head of Product Management Firmware, Software and Storage at Bosch Security Systems. At this time, the big discussion about security within security just started. This year, we had another conversation with a Bosch representative when we talked with Ruud Toonders, Regional Marketing Manager EMEA for Video Systems, about the newest development in Video Security, the human factor within data security and the new product line-up.

GIT SECURITY: To tie in with the topic of our last interview with Markus Wierny, why is cyber security ever so present these days?
Ruud Toonders: The industry has picked up the challenge, users are more and more aware of the threats and the discussions in the media have alerted a lot of security professionals. Our systematic approach to ensure data is securely transmitted, stored and only accessible by authorized people is now widely accepted in the industry. More and more video security becomes part of the global IT infrastructure. As it consequence more and more manufacturers, like Bosch, use proven IT security measures like TLS/SSL encryption.

GIT SECURITY: What about the human factor? Technology can be the basis for security, but how can we make sure that the systems are managed properly?
Ruud Toonders: The human factor is integral to safeguarding IT security quality. Human error ranks alongside technical defects as a chief cause for data breaches. It starts with the password assignment on every setup and it is important not to allow default or weak passwords. Start with the basics and closely manage employees’ access to data and systems. Sensitive data should be restricted to the employees that need this data to complete their tasks. There is no cure-all method capable of addressing every security issue. The best concept is balancing technology with education and training of human users to get a more effective strategic defense against cyberattacks.

GIT SECURITY: In general video surveillance systems become more open to business and video analytics. Is this an additional challenge?
Ruud Toonders: Yes, especially if your system is not prepared for systematic and secure updates. With more and more video analytics and software plug-ins coming into the game, the story does not end when the system is set-up. When you want to update firmware or distribute video analytics and certificates to hardware, it makes sense to distribute them automatically via the network to save labor costs for manual implementations and to avoid the risk of the human factor we have just discussed. To ensure highest levels of security all communication within the network should take place between trusted (authenticated) devices and data transmitted needs to be encrypted. This is realized by making use of certificates and private and public keys that are safely stored within the built-in Trusted Platform Module. A TPM is like a safe where certificates needed for encryption and authentication are safely stored alongside the public and private keys. Even in case of unauthorized access, the keys cannot be retrieved. Also Bosch support Microsoft Active Directory to ensure easy and secure user access management.

GIT SECURITY: You said that Bosch widely uses Trusted Platform Modules for devices? Why aren’t they used in all systems?
Ruud Toonders: We equipped our edge devices, cameras and encoders with TPMs years ago to make the systems more secure, even our entry-level models have an onboard TPM. Sometimes local legislation requires to remove the TPM module from our device, but only in exceptional cases. Generally all devices are equipped with TPM..

GIT SECURITY: H.265 is another hot topic discussed within the industry. Can you give us the view of Bosch Security Systems on this compression technology?
Ruud Toonders: We are just about to update our product range to make this technology available for more of our clients and starting this year we will have H.265 implemented in all of our new cameras as of the IP 4000 up to the IP 9000 series. At ISC West we will introduce the Flexidome IP ultra 8000i fixed dome cameras range with 4K ultra resolution combined with latest bitrate management techniques and H.265. All cameras of the 4000, 5000 and 8000 series are equipped with H.265 compression technology with our integrated digital noise reduction IDNR and the intelligent streaming technology. All in all, these features can save up to 80% of bandwidth compared to cameras with H.264 technology.  
GIT SECURITY: Thank you for the update on the hardware side. How do you approach the increasing demand for analytics?
Ruud Toonders: The trend to high resolution 24/7 video images is directly linked to our strategy for video analytics. The huge amount of data produced requires extensive transmission and storage capacity as well as time-consuming monitoring and assessment. We have announced the roll-out of video analytics inside our cameras which means at the edge as a standard feature. By enhancing our existing and future IP cameras with this technology, we will enable users to effortlessly search through large amounts of video data and to pinpoint the information that matters most to them.
Starting in 2017 our complete range of IP cameras as of the IP 4000 series will come fully equipped with video analytics at the edge. The starlight product family will be the first to feature a full suite Essential Video Analytics, starting with the Dinion IP starlight 6000 fixed box and Flexidome IP starlight 6000 fixed dome cameras. All top of the line IP 7000 and IP 8000 starlight cameras will come equipped with our state-of-the-art Intelligent Video Analytics offering up to 17 different analytic possibilities including features like line crossing, idle object detection, people counting, search for colors and many more. With all our video analytics features we have a focus on their robustness even in harsh and demanding environments.


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