Ksenia: Integration of Optex Wireless Sensors

28.06.2022 - Giorgio Finaurini speaks about how detector settings can be changed remotely

Mr. Finaurini, your Company has recently integrated Optex sensors into your Ksenia systems. Why did you choose Optex as a partner?

Giorgio Finaurini: For us at Ksenia Security this is an important collaboration that we intend to continue to cultivate with great enthusiasm. External sensors are an essential part of any good security system that allows you to ward off a potential intruder before they gain access to the property and its premises. We have known of the excellent performance of Optex detectors for many years, especially in difficult environments such as outdoors. We have implemented the integration between our ‘matrix’ (both in the wired BUS and radio version) and various sensors of the product family with the aim of further expanding the opportunities in the security field, and making the management of these sensors flexible, also remotely.

What are the advantages from the end user’s point of view?

Giorgio Finaurini: Integration with Ksenia allows end users to take advantage of the advanced technology of Optex outdoor detectors which, thanks to digital analysis, are able to distinguish authentic alarms from the main causes of false alarms, such as small animals or environmental changes. The main advantage of bidirectional integration is that the detector settings can be changed remotely by the user depending on the situation and environment, for example, by adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor or changing the battery saving mode.


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