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One of the leading providers of video and incident management software; software solutions for security applications; additional industry-specific solutions in the areas of transport & logistics, retail, finance and critical infrastructure & cities; based on the system concept of the Multi Solution Platform, expansion options and interfaces to third-party systems.

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Qognify VMS 7.3: Accelerate Investigations and Improve Real-time Incident Handling

Qognify GmbH -

Qognify announced the launch of Qognify VMS 7.3 and Umbrella 8.0. The latest iteration of Qognify’s video management software (VMS) adds intelligent support for...


Management of Large-Scale Distributed Surveillance Camera Networks

Qognify GmbH -

Qognify has launched Umbrella, a web-based management platform that leverages significant cost savings by managing large distributed video surveillance systems centrally...


New Version of Video Management Applications

Qognify GmbH -

The recent R13 version of the SeeTec Cayuga video management software comes with a new interface to unleash the softwares full potential in integrated security ecosystems...


New versions of SeeTec Cayuga and SeeTec BVI

Qognify GmbH -

SeeTec launches the second release of its products in 2018. The recent version R13 of the video management software SeeTec Cayuga comes with a new interface to unleash...


Hands-On SeeTec Solutions at Security 2018 in Essen

Qognify GmbH -

SeeTec will be presenting video management solutions for a wide range of applications and industries at this years Security trade fair in Essen. Apart from industry...


New Video Management Applications Release

Qognify GmbH -

SeeTec, a provider of video management solutions, publishes new releases of its products twice a year and, at the end of May, the R12 version of the companys Cayuga and...


Fully Integrated Video Analytics System: SeeTec Cayuga R9

Qognify GmbH -

Video systems are becoming ever larger and more complex - and they often create a veritable flood of image data that makes it difficult for security personnel to identify...


SeeTec: Video embedded into security concepts

Qognify GmbH -

At security essen this year SeeTec is showcasing the latest innovation trends on video management software at the cooperation booth with distribution partner Allnet...


New version of SeeTec 5.4.3 Video Management Software integrates 200 new camera models

Qognify GmbH -

Just in time for summer, the next version of the SeeTec software is already in the offing: The new release 5.4.3 supports not only about another 200 camera models from...


IP-Video: SeeTec Trainings

Qognify GmbH -

The latest SeeTec seminar program contains the following kinds of courses - registration here:SeeTec 5 Basic SeminarDescription: The participants experience an extensive...


SeeTec 5.3.7 available with WebClient and MobileClient

Qognify GmbH -

The latest release 5.3.7 of SeeTec's powerful video management software is available now. It provides additional features for an even more flexible system access...

News from this vendor


Qognify Becomes Part of Hexagon

11.04.2023 -

Qognify, a leading provider of video (VMS) and enterprise incident management (EIM) solutions, has announced that it is now part of Hexagon. Qognify joins the Safety...


Security for Public Transportation: Focus Interview

10.02.2023 -

Genetec, Qognify, Hikvision, and Milestone Systems answer to GIT's questions about public transportation security.


Video Security for Public Transportation in Frankfurt

23.01.2023 -

When passengers feel safe travelling on public transport it has a positive influence on acceptance and usage, in particular for the access points to the network. A new...


Hexagon AB Acquires Qognify

19.12.2022 -

Qognify, a leading provider of Physical Security and Enterprise Incident Management software solutions, today announced being acquired by Hexagon AB.


Intrusion Detection Market 2022

12.05.2022 -

A sensor fusion system might detect simultaneous fence vibration AND camera movement, yet still be able to recognize a false alarm


VMS: Real-Time and Post Incident Investigation

24.01.2022 -

The operator can activate Click2Track and is automatically presented with the next camera feed, the moment the subject is in its field of view


Qognify Cayuga – more than video

29.10.2021 -

The trend towards ever more complex video systems with more and more cameras continues unabated – and with it, the requirements for video management software are changing...


Qognify joins Nvidia Metropolis Partner Program

28.06.2021 -

Qognify today announced it has joined Nvidia Metropolis, a program designed to nurture and bring to market a new generation of applications and solutions that make the...


LenelS2 Factory Certification for Qognify

17.02.2021 -

Qognify announced that it has received LenelS2 factory certification and joined the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP).


Qognify launches the Control Room Update (R16) of its Cayuga VMS

23.12.2020 -

Qognify announced the launch of the Cayuga R16 video management system (VMS).


Wiley Industry Days: A look inside halls, rooms - and at the functions

09.11.2020 -

Only a few more days until the first virtual Wiley Industry Days open. The halls, stands and rooms are almost ready - the industry event for networking is ready. Are you...


Video Solutions for Retail - the Qognify Retail Suite

28.09.2020 - In the retail trade, video technology has been accepted for decades as a proven means of combating theft and loss of goods. Today, modern IP cameras provide high-quality images for...


Good For The Goods: A Deep-Dive into the Security of the Logistics Sector

25.09.2020 - We are now quite used to ordering something online, and receiving it one or two days later, maybe a week later if it comes from further away. But have you ever given a thought to...


Qognify with Integrated Video Solutions at Intersec 2020

23.01.2020 -

Qognify was present at Intersec 2020. The company demonstrated the latest version of its state-of-the-art video management system Cayuga as well as its newly released...


The Latest VMS Release from Qognify Aims to Combat Cyber Crime

19.12.2019 -

Qognify has announced the latest release of its Seetec Cayuga R14 video management system (VMS), which places a major focus on cyber security. Almost one-third of...


Qognify: Seetec and Onssi Successfully Integrated

18.12.2019 -

Qognify made some significant acquisitions in 2018 through the takeover of Onssi and Seetec. That brought the company into the realms of the leading players in physical...


Security for Retail 2020

05.12.2019 -

Retail theft cost storeowners globally around 100 billion USD per year, the equivalent of 1.4% of global retail sales. Retailers need to cut these losses, but loss...


SeeTec Now Qognify: VMS, Video Analysis, Incident Management - and an "Umbrella" as a New Top Management Platform

06.06.2019 -

SeeTec is now called Qognify: The merger process between the two companies has now been completed, and Qognify is now one of the largest providers of VMS, video analysis...


Qognify Completes Acquisition of OnSSI Group

02.01.2019 -

Qognify today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the IP video management software (VMS) company - On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI), including the...


Monitoring on a Driverless Train Transport System

21.09.2018 -

The Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit, better known by its acronym KVMRT, is a 3-line rail-based mass rapid transit system currently under construction in the Greater Kuala...


Hikvision and SeeTec Optimise Surveillance Feed Management

18.09.2018 -

Hikvision enjoys a successful partnership with SeeTec. This relationship will be celebrated and showcased on the Hikvision stand at Security Essen this year.One of the...


Cybersecurity Cooperation

06.06.2018 -

SeeTec and Vivotek have established a cybersecurity cooperation based on a cyber-defense solution in which Vivoteks network cameras are armed with Trend Micros anti...


SeeTec Opens Sales Office in Italy

30.04.2018 -

Founded in 1996 and employing more than 100 people in many European countries, SeeTec has now opened a sales office for Italy in Milan. Andreas Beerbaum, Managing...


Keeping an Eye on Secure Access

25.01.2018 -

Having created an integration between their products Gallagher Command Centre and SeeTec Cayuga, Gallagher Security, leading manufacturer of intruder alarm and command...


Seetec integrates Panasonic

16.01.2018 -

Panasonics latest camera lineup has been successfully integrated into SeeTec Cayuga, the Video Management System of Seetec, with the development of the Panasonic Smart...


Parcel Tracking by Cayuga Cameras for Logistics Centers in Tours and Beaune

05.12.2017 -

Every day 150,000 parcels are transported by the French DPD group, which amounts to nearly 55 million parcels per year. DPD France is part of La Poste Groupe. The timely...


Investments Facilitate Further Growth for SeeTec and OnSSI

21.07.2017 -

OnSSI and SeeTec announce the completion of a $16-million private placement for OnSSI by Seacoast Capital, an institutional investor based in the USA focused on high...


SeeTec has Announced R10 of their Cayuga and BVI VMS Solutions

21.06.2017 -

While Cayuga now includes the support of the new H.265 streaming standard as well as bidirectional audio, BVI provides a new dashboard to visualize transaction and...


Experience Video Management Solutions First Hand in Themed Areas

22.08.2016 -

At this years Security trade fair in Essen, SeeTec will be presenting video management applications for a wide range of areas and industries. The focus will be on...


Theme Tour: Video Surveillance

14.07.2016 -

This Theme Tour is supported by:

Entertainment and Security both industries shape tomorrows trends. Higher resolution means more detailed pictures. But there are...


Apply now for the next GIT SECURITY AWARD - closing date March 31st

15.02.2016 -

Apply HERE for the next GIT SECURITY AWARD Closing Date: March 31, 2016Until March 31, 2016 all suppliers for safety and security products can apply for the next GIT...


Cooperation SeeTec and Zepcam

19.11.2015 -

With the partnership of SeeTec and Zepcam, two technological pioneers combine their competences for a mobile video solution. The integration of mobile Zepcam cameras into...


Restructured SeeTec on growth path

02.10.2015 -

On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI) acquired a majority stake in SeeTec in April this year, thus creating a new global player in the field of video management software...


Merger of SeeTec and On-Net Surveillance Systems

10.06.2015 -

At the beginning of April, the American VMS manufacturer OnSSI announced the signing of a binding agreement to take over the majority shareholding of the network video...


OnSSI Acquires SeeTec

07.04.2015 -

Video Management Software company On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SeeTec AG, a privately...


Andreas Beerbaum Returns to SeeTec

02.04.2015 -

Starting April 1st, Andreas Beerbaum will take over the overall responsibility for sales at SeeTec AG, Bruchsal, again.He has a proven track record with several leading...


SeeTec AG and BCDVideo: Joint Solution for Video Surveillance

27.10.2014 -

SeeTec AG and BCDVideo, a global manufacturer of high-performance IP recording systems for the video surveillance market, announced their Technology Partnership for...


Partnership of SeeTec AG and IPS Intelligent Video Analytics

30.09.2014 -

During Security Essen 2014 SeeTec AG and IPS Intelligent Video Analytics have kicked off a joint partnership for intelligent video surveillance. Hereby the open platform...


Video Surveillance: SeeTec Solution Protects Car Parks in

14.08.2014 -

The French metropolis of Paris is heavily frequented by tourists, commuters from the surrounding area and business travelers from all over the world, 365 days a year...


SeeTec Cayuga R4 Facilitates System and Alarm Management

01.08.2014 -

For several years, the trend in video surveillance has moved towards bigger and bigger systems - installations with a four-digit camera amount or connections to a...


Lifesaving Software: Safety at the Port with a Video Management Solution from Seetec

12.06.2014 -

Altaş Ambarlı is the largest port of Turkey and an important hub between the Black Sea region and the Far East. The Kumport terminal, which is located near Istanbul on...


Video Management: Flood Alert

08.11.2013 -

The severe floods of 2002 and 2013 have impressively shown the immense extent of damage that natural events can cause in our intensively farmed and densely populated...


Video Management: See More, Understand Better, Perform Faster

31.10.2013 -

SeeTec has introduced the successor of the SeeTec 5 video management software: ­"SeeTec Cayuga" is named after a North American Indian tribe. The contintent's original...


SeeTec AG introduces new product version of SeeTec Cayuga

10.09.2013 -

As the declared goal for the SeeTec software generation to come, was to offer the user the possibility to see more, understand more and for that to perform faster SeeTec...


Video Management: SeeTec Secures Business Center in the Heart of Istanbul

30.08.2013 -

Istanbul, the metropolis at the Bosporus combines modern spirit and traditions like no other city in Europe. An indicator of its fast-paced development is the increasing...


Andreas Beerbaum (CSO) is leaving SeeTec

21.06.2013 -

Facing a new professional challenge, Andreas Beerbaum, Chief Sales Officer at SeeTec AG, will leave the company in August by his own request. Stephan Rasp, Chief...


Center Group launches new Nexus Connect division

04.02.2013 -

CCTV Center, UK based supplier of IP systems for security and surveillance, announces that they are launching a new business division called Nexus Connect. The new...


GIT SECURITY AWARD 2013 - Surprises and Serial Winners

08.01.2013 -

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2013. Only 5 x 3 products could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for - via fax, e-mail or online...


GOSiR Stadium in Gdynia Relies on Efficient Video Solution from SeeTec

27.11.2012 -

All over the world, football stadiums are places of sports, emotions and large crowds. Fans of rivaling football clubs come together in confined spaces to cheer for their...


ACIC Video Analytics becomes SeeTec Solution Partner

15.11.2012 -

With ACIC Video Analytics a new member is welcomed to the SeeTec solution partner network. As strategical partners both software manufacturers have embedded components of...


Video Management: SeeTec MobileClient for iPhone

15.02.2012 -

SeeTec, one of the leading providers of video management software in Europe, is showcasing the new software version SeeTec 5.4. Containing a large number of new features...


IP Video Supports Quality Management

18.03.2011 -

Kian Cord Company (KCC) is a private sector manufacturing company located about 400 km south west of Tehran in a suburb of Malayer city in the Hamedan province. The main...


Seetec: Strong growth with strategic focusing

14.03.2011 -

SeeTec AG, the leading manufacturer of video management software in German-speaking countries, has been able to continue the positive development also in the first three...


Basler IP Cameras Integrated With SeeTec 5

02.12.2010 -

Basler Vision Technologies has teamed with SeeTec to integrate Basler IP Cameras with SeeTec5 video management software.In addition to Basler's box camera models, SeeTec...


SeeTec and Xserius sign distribution agreement for the Dutch market

24.11.2010 -

The Dutch IP security distributor Xserius B.V. has chosen to cooperate with SeeTec tooffer theirvideo surveillance software products in the Dutch market.SeeTec solutions...


SeeTec: New name and expansion

01.02.2010 -

Within the course of its expansion to new markets, SeeTec has faced the challenge to set up a flexible and sustainable company structure. Thus, the management decided to...


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