Perimeter Security for Distribution Centres

06.08.2021 - Distribution centres are a critical part of the supply chain and of any company’s business operation. Their security is paramount to protect not only the items stored, but also the fleet of vehicles parked within their sites.

Most security threats are external and securing the site’s perimeter and entry points is the first line of defence against unauthorised access. This can be achieved with a combination of sensing technologies.

The site’s perimeter fence or wall needs to be constantly monitored, to prevent unwanted intruders during or after working hours. The system should be ‘always on’ while not interfering with business operations. A choice of curtain detection and fence intrusion detection technologies is available, including fibre optics, LiDAR or Active Infrared (AIR) beams.

Advanced fibre optic technology identifies whether the intruder is climbing over or cutting through the fence. Fiber Sensys sensors for example, provide a number of setting parameters to filter out vibration, making them very well suited to distribution centres.

Systems that allow different detection zones can provide the solution to pinpointing exactly where an intrusion is taking place. With Fiber Sensys technology, up to 25 different zones can be configured to identify the area of entry and match the field of view of the camera. The latest sensors can provide precise point location within a range of 5m. LiDAR technology can create virtual walls up to 100m long and sensors such as the Optex Redscan Pro sensor feature up to eight detection zones and also, when integrated, feeds the surveillance system with the exact X and Y coordinates.

AIR technology can provide an additional layer of protection on top of a wall or fence. Providing constant point to point detection, infrared beams can accurately detect anyone going over the perimeter line.

Protecting logistics centres from intrusion is becoming a more complex task. It requires technologies well suited for challenging outdoor environments, reliable even in a busy working environment and precise to quickly identify the area of intrusion. Perimeter security can be greatly improved by using intelligent and flexible sensing technologies.

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