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Bosch Celebrates 10 year Cooperation with Wagner

30.01.2014 - Bosch and Wagner celebrated 10 years of successful cooperation in air sampling smoke detector systems on 23 September 2013 in Langenhagen. The program also included the presentatio...

Bosch and Wagner celebrated 10 years of successful cooperation in air sampling smoke detector systems on 23 September 2013 in Langenhagen. The program also included the presentation of a technological innovation, the latest milestone in fire detection.

In 2001, Wagner decided to use the decades of experience it had accumulated in the field of fire protection system applications - from research and development, production and design to system integration - to develop a new technology in very early fire detection. Reliable and highly sensitive very early fire detection is a necessity for particularly complex operational environments with high security requirements.

In order to provide this, the company reached a milestone in the field of air sampling smoke detectors with the Titanus range, which was first introduced 12 years ago. The patented Logic·Sens signal processing system checks the air samples from the protected area and reliably compares them to established fire characteristic patterns making it capable of recognizing even the smallest pyrolysis particles as a fire. This range is VdS approved, complies with the EN 54-20 directive and other international standards.

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme made a major advancement in the worldwide technological leadership in the field of early fire detection using air sampling smoke detectors when it included ­Wagner air sampling smoke detectors in its standard range of fire protection systems in 2003.

Uwe Ladwig, Head of Fire Detection Systems at Bosch, stated the following about the partnership: „We consider Wagner to be a reliable and long-standing supplier of state-of-the-art fire protection technology. Thanks to our close collaboration, we have managed to complete many challenging international projects with technologically progressive concepts. Our objective is to offer our customers an optimal solution with the best components available on the market. In dialogue with Wagner, we continuously expand our range and are now developing solutions to fulfill tomorrow`s customer requirements."

Latest Milestone
As part of its international sales activities, ­Wagner supports its OEM partner with professional training, design assistance and project support for national and international projects. As part of further product development, it has also succeeded in integrating Bosch LSNi technology in its air sampling smoke detection system. The advantage: the air sampling smoke detection system can be connected directly to the modular Bosch 5000 series central fire panel and the information on faults, alarms, service and maintenance is transmitted via the LSNi bus system network. The detectors can also be configured directly from the control panel via the network.

This global innovation was presented live at the Wagner World during the 10-year anniversary celebration on 23.09.2013: „Our newly developed technology is based on our solution approach ‘We will tell you what's burning and what isn't'" says Torsten Wagner, Managing Director of the Wagner Group, who is also in charge of research and development. For the first time, the specific fire patterns of materials for each customer can be defined and recognized by the technology. For example, the detection function can differentiate between cigarette smoke, dust, beech wood, PVC and cardboard.

Torsten Wagner explained: „At the same time, the knowledge gained on what is burning makes it possible to define new protection concepts in order to take the appropriate effective countermeasures. As such, the staff can simply be informed of cigarette smoke, instead of the fire brigade being called in."


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